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We’re here and ready to drink!

About Us

The Buzzed Bars Coaster Club was founded by The Drunk Riders and Coasters and Brews, two content creators full of like-minded individuals who wanted to create a group of similar people who enjoy parks as well as a beer or two just as much as we do.

We as a group make no profit from this club. Our goal was and will never be to make a profit. Whatever slim margins we do receive will be put back into the club in any way shape or form. We can and will provide any and all documentation to anyone curious to reinforce that fact. At the end of the day, this is a hobby. We love this hobby as much as everyone else does. We just want to have fun. So feel free to join us as we go on this adventure.

From your humble founders,

Marcus, Marc, Mike, Drew, Gabby, and Matt

Latest Event - Super Dooper Stumble