Code Of Conduct

The Buzzed Bars Coaster Club (Buzzed Bars LLC) is a group of like minded coaster enthusiasts who want to have fun and enjoy a good day at an amusement park. Started by The Drunk Riders and Coasters and Brews, we all share with the below ideals and wish for everyone who joins this Club to agree to the following: 

Rule 1. Respect Park Rules

All members are required to follow any and all park rules, including implied rules, not only when attending Club events but also when representing the Club in any way, shape, or form. Major park rules include the following:

  • Any cameras or recording equipment, bringing on any loose articles, or anything of that nature unless expressly permitted to by park staff AND by Club leadership.
  • Tampering with any safety restraints
  • Disregarding any/all safety requirements while within the park
  • Cutting in line, saving any spots in line, or leaving the line and returning
  • Riding any ride while intoxicated
  • Trespassing
  • Not responding/listening to park staff when requested

Rule 2. Respect Each Other

How each member acts is a reflection of all Club members. Acting as a normal, sane, and law abiding member of society is required to be a member of this Club. 

Rule 3. Inclusivity

The Buzzed Bars and its members are committed to making the Club a more inclusive organization based on mutual respect and appreciation for the diversity of not only our hobby and our world. We are all one group and no one shall be treated differently. We will all be able to socialize in an environment free from all forms of harassment and discrimination as defined by Federal, State and Local Laws, e.g. Title VII, Americans with Disabilities Act, Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act.

Any breaches of the above will result in revocation, banning, and possible legal action against said member, either from the Club or from local, state, or federal law enforcement. 

Rule 4. Confidentiality

Club members are responsible for providing accurate and honest information. A member shall not share his/her login information or disclose any information about Club members to nonmembers, outside agencies, or commercial enterprises in any form, e.g. written, electronic, social media, and verbal.

Rule 5. Social Media

Only publicize videos, pictures, calendars and other media that are tasteful and uphold the integrity and dignity of the Club and it’s membership. Members must be aware of their conduct on social media in addition to their conduct at events. Inappropriate, derogatory, inflammatory, et al posts and social media usage reflect on the Club as well as oneself and could potentially lead to disciplinary action (if severe, legal action will be pursued). 

Rule 6. Representing Club Leadership

No member may act as an official representative of the Club unless dually assigned by Club leadership. This includes any and all events where the Club is allowed to participate and no leadership is available. All requests for any official statement from any park representatives should be directed to email

Rule 7. Inappropriate Behavior

All members must report any inappropriate behavior of any member or their guests to a member of leadership of the Club for action and follow up. This can be done in person or via email (

Rule 8. Potential Age Limitations

Although we strive to be as inclusive as possible, age can be a limiting factor in participating with this Club due to alcohol consumption laws. Consumption is not a group requirement, and although minors are welcome to attend events both inside and outside amusement parks, it must be understood that minors may be denied entry to establishments serving alcoholic beverages if curfews or age limits are in place. Finally, Buzzed Bars Coaster Club and all affiliated brands do not condone underage consumption and expects that the applicable laws are followed at all times.


Any member not behaving in accordance with the terms of the Code of Conduct at any event for the Buzzed Bars Coaster Club will be asked to leave the event, have their membership revoked, and will be banned from all future events involving the Club and its leadership.

This includes any guests brought along by the member. If any guest is brought along by the member, he/she must adhere to the Code of Conduct as well. If the guest does not, the member who is accountable will be liable for any actions committed by said guest(s). 

Any inappropriate behavior reported by any of members or at any event will be investigated, discussed and an appropriate course of action will be taken by the Club up to and including revocation of membership and banning from the Club and all future events.
Any breaches that are confirmed will be deemed non-refundable for any payment received by the member and their guests.